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Welcome to my site africa.grandts.com – I am a blogger, writer, photographer, designer, and generally culturally and artistically interested. I am 60 years old and make web design in all its shades, whether it be WordPress, Adobe After Effects, or any other form of design.

Is living in Esbjerg, Denmark right next to the west coast, sea, sky and wadden sea Danish: Vadehavet which is on UNESCO’s world heritage list. In general, I feel that I am very lucky and a happy person on all fronts. I have a good job as an IT Supporter, whom I am very pleased with. Together with my wife, I found that life in general has been very good to me as a person. Did you know that Denmark is voted the world’s happiest people? Also, this makes me very proud.

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“You know you are truly alive when you’re living among lions.”

Karen Blixen, Out of Africa 

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